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Navigating IBM i with VS Code

The following procedure shows how to connect to an IBM i (AS400) server and explore it using the Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment. ========== 1. INSTALLATION 1.1. Download and install the Visual Studio Code IDE. 2. PREPARATION 2.1. On the VS Code menu, go to [ Go -> Go to File... ] or press Ctrl+P, and input the command below to install the "Code for IBM i" extension. ext install HalcyonTechLtd.code-for-ibmi 2.2. On the left sidebar, click on the IBM i icon to show the IBM i Servers panel and click on the plus "+" sign at the top to create a connection. 2.3. On the Login tab, input the following IBM i server details and click [ Connect ]. Connection Name: (just a placeholder name for easy identification) Host or IP Address: (network address of IBM i server)   SSH Port: 22 (usually) Username: (username on IBM i server) Password: (password on IBM i server) 3. UTILIZATION 3.1. User Library List Libraries are requir