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Add or Remove Users in FreeBSD Groups

After installing FreeBSD, regular users are not allowed to log in as the "root" user via the "su -" command. The following procedure shows how to grant superuser access for administrative convenience, assuming that the regular user knows the superuser password.


1. Access "root" from login screen.

login: root

2. Add a user to the group.

root@host: # pw groupmod wheel -m username

3. Check if such user has been added to the group.

root@host: # pw groupshow wheel

/* The added user needs to log out and log in again for the changes to take effect. */

4. Remove a user from the group.

root@host: # pw groupmod wheel -d username

5. Log out from "root".

root@host: # exit



1. The FreeBSD Documentation Project. FreeBSD Handbook. Section 3.3, "Users and Basic Account Management". 



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